Standard and special products according to non conventional forms of supply, one of them is kanban.
Kanban is a form of supply that reenters in the just in time production processes, which foresee that the necessary components for the production arrive in the necessary quantity and to the necessary moment.
The objectives are the reduction of the stock, the improvement of the quality of the product, the recovery of flexibility towards the demand of the market.
The tool that governs this system of production is kanban.
The kanban is a system of information for the control of the quantities to supply or to produce in every phase of process.
Physically the kanban is a label that follows the containers with the products, including the following information:
- name of the product
- code of the product
- stocking position
- capacity of the container

The reading of the label signals happened consumption of the product and the necessity of restoration of the quantity of material used in production.

Kanban is a way of management
The service kanban can foresees the supply of the product to the client according to the three following formalities:
- KAN BAN at customer main warehouse
- KAN BAN at customer production department
- KAN BAN directly at the isle of work

Fervit has men and means able to study the form of kanban service that answers better to the specific demands of the client.
The study of the model of specific KANBAN for the client foresees the following phases:
• determination of the items purchased by the client
• Determination of the frequencies of delivery
• Determination of the quantities KANBAN and of the numbers KANBAN
• Determination of the necessary infrastructures available (shelves., containers. labels)
• Supply chain Fervit to supplier
• Eventual supply chain inside the supplier
• Control evolution of the consumptions
The KANBAN Fervit includes the definition and the development of the followings aspects:
• Systems and forms of communication with system HW and SW of the client
• Systems and forms of communication external with HW and SW Fervit
• Systems of communication empty containers / full containers
• Systems of guarantee of the redundant quality in entrance and delivery
• Guarantee of stock in the warehouse Fervit of the references included in kanbon supply through definition of safety stocks, order points and levels.

Fervit KANBAN process
1. Call of the customer
2. The system sends the signal to the warehouse
3. Preparation of the order
4. Delivery
5. Transfer to the production department
6. Consumption in production
7. Signal of the consumption by the customer
8. The cycle turn N times.

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